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Come out swinging

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Your situation, IT services are an untamed beast within your organization, senior managers have tasked you with getting it under control. Your choices;

  1. Go away and study, scale the peaks of knowledge, swim through the sea of engagement, become englightened by mountaintop gurus, seek out the ultimate tool then return as an ITSM Jedi that can make your IT beast dance with the flick of your little finger.
  2. Come out swinging, knock that beast on it’s heals and get it under control. You can dress it up and make it do fancy tricks later.

Option 1. is elegant and will deliver a solution that will rock your world. The problem is, there is a good chance it will never happen. Did your managers give you a sabbatical from your other work while you pursue ‘the beast’? Did you get a budget that will allow for the elegant solution? Is a new priority going to emerge in six months that will overshadow service management?

Option 2. is not elegant, but it works. You won’t have the luxury of a 250 page engagement report that demonstrates how you came understand what your customers want, what service means to them and where you will be in 10 years but you will have something better. You will have killed the serious problems with IT service management for minimal investment.

Welcome to Simple Service Management. Option 2. is not for everyone, but for those who need it, we will make your service management simple and effective faster than you ever imagined.